Creative Research Practices :
Alternatives for Making, Knowing, and Resisting

Presenters: Kathryn Shriver and Jeremiah Miller

Creative Research Practices : Alternatives for Making, Knowing, and Resisting as a lecture will introduce and elaborate on the concept of creative research practices. Shriver and Miller will begin by briefly introducing themselves and de-contemporary, and through an illustrated presentation, will provide examples of mediums and methods of creative research from their own work and the practices of other artists, professionals and scholars. They will address the landscape of university and institutional research and funding structures and their limitations, and provide an overview of concepts like research-creation, alternative methodologies, and de-colonial research approaches. They will discuss research ethics, the colonial, capitalistic, and exclusionary implications of some enforced research standards and ways in which we can take responsibility for trying to move away from these consequences as artists, scholars, and innovators. The lecture will close by opening to questions from the audience and inviting further discussion post-lecture.

Kathryn Shriver
Kathryn Shriver is a painter and fiber artist from Alden, NY currently living and working in Montreal, QC. She has an MFA in Painting and Drawing from Concordia University (Montreal) and a BA in Studio Arts from Wells College (Aurora, NY). Shriver’s work focuses on examining the ways in which Craft and Art are separated as well as intertwined theoretically, materially, and historically.