A vital part of de-contemporary’s mission to encourage deep engagement, critical re-thinking, and creativity in the ways possibility and  agency are defined and understood in a world that looks increasingly restrictive to a wide range of people. Towards this aim, de-contemporary also offers workshops and light programming for educational institutions and other interested groups. If you or your institution are interested in including a de-contemporary event in upcoming programming, please do not hesitate to contact us.


We define creative research practices as ways of mining and applying found information that may be outside of the academic repertoire, that has been highly tailored to objective-based, scientific inquiry. Creative research practices are creative in that they can be practice-based and self-evolving, open to shifting methodologies and unconventional approaches, as well as lend  themselves to informing artistic projects and innovations. Creative research practices do not reject traditional practices, but supplement them. We want to expand the ways in which “information,” “relevant,” “data compilation” and “application” might be understood. In this sense journaling, art making, community practices, bodily experience, meditating, dreaming as well as reading, writing, experimenting, observing, and collecting are all mediums and methods of research practice. The proposed programming will elaborate on this concept, explain its relevance and importance in academia, the arts, and the wider world today, as well as share practical and varied examples and skills with students for its application in their own lives within and beyond their educations. 

The programming may consist of all or some of the following components, as best suits the needs and interests of the host group or institution.

LECTURE + Q&A // Creative Research Practices 
WORKSHOP 1: Proposal Writing: Carving Out Space and Making Projects Happen
WORKSHOP 2: Deploying An Online Gallery With Geographic Context