Deploying An Online Gallery With Geographic Context

Administrator: Jeremiah Miller 
Total Duration: 160 minutes 

Technical/Material Requirements: Projector for slide presentation, tables with work space, network switch, peripherals (monitors, keyboards, mice), raspberry pis, cases, micro SD cards. If students wish, they can bring their own art to upload, but source files will be provided.

This workshop is designed to interrogate the privileging of computer science and information technology knowledge by making accessible the aspects of technology that may appear more arcane (imaging an operating system, deploying a server, understanding captive portals, and initiating a front-end application accessible via wifi). In addition to technical skills, students will be encouraged to think through technology in their daily life and how it can be applied within their personal contexts without being mediated by distant companies answerable only to shareholders.

Descriptive Overview:
The workshop will open with a presentation on the inception of this idea as a project and the technical and political circumstances that caused repeated visitations upon this idea, the concepts of Context Collapse and Manifest Dismantling as it relates to this workshop, as well as an overview of the technology underpinning the project. The second part of the workshop will include imaging a server using a Debian-based distribution on a low-cost single-board computer, configuring the server to operate as a captive portal that does not connect to the internet, an interlude on how allowing the portal to connect or not connect to the internet is a choice that fundamentally changes the nature of one’s gallery, and deploying software specifically written to create an online art gallery. During this part of the workshop, the workshop administer will guide the students at each step of the way and answer any questions that arise. The third part of the workshop will have students curating their own shows using either supplied images or 5-10 images they brought in preparation for the workshop. The workshop will close with a closing conversation and feedback survey.

Outline of Activities:
1. Presentation on the origins of this project, concepts influencing it, and an overview of the tools we will be using, their purpose, and where to download them (30 mins)
2. Configure the devices (60 minutes)
a. Image the computer
b. Set up captive portals
c. Deploy the gallery software
3. Curate their own “shows” using the gallery they just set up. (30 minutes)
4. Closing Conversation and Feedback Survey – (15 minutes)

Jeremiah Miller
Jeremiah resides in the Rocky Mountains where he reads and thinks about technology's role in the increasing finacialization and privatization of public goods, spaces, and services.