Kathryn Shriver, Co-Founder

Kathryn Shriver is an painter and fiber artist from Alden, NY currently living and working in Montreal, QC. She has an MFA in Painting and Drawing from Concordia University (Montreal) and a BA in Studio Arts from Wells College (Aurora, NY). Shriver’s work focuses on examining the ways in which Craft and Art are separated as well as intertwined theoretically, materially, and historically. Her research takes interest in the valuing and politics of function, labor, and the shifting categorizations of different materials, makers, and practices as “minor.” With a material focus on beadwork, Shriver is studio assistant and grant writer to artist Nadia Myre, who has significantly influenced her interest in alternate pedagogical structures and methodologies within academia.

Jeremiah Miller, Co-Founder

Jeremiah is a software developer from Colorado currently living and working in Denver. He has a Bachelor’s of Theatre and Dance from Wells College (Aurora, NY) and is pursuing a Master’s in Software Design at the University of Denver (Denver, Colorado). He has an extensive background in technical theatrical production and a handful of his plays have been produced around the United States. His research interests center on the financialization of the public sphere, the degradation and devaluing of labor, technology and alternative visions for its implementation.